MapleLens :: EOS Blytheye Brown

This is the EOS Blytheye Brown circle lenses.
So since they are the new edition of the E.O.S. series, I thought I would give a little review for the people who were interested in buying these or who were interested in buying circle lenses in general.

For someone who has dark brown eyes, I would say that they are very vibrant. It looks like a light brown or a somewhat yellowish hazel-brown color near and afar. They look natural from a distance, but if someone were upfront in your face, it is noticeable that it isn’t. BUT even though they don’t look natural up close, they don’t look too weird and abnormal compared to most circle lenses.

The diameter size of these circle lenses are 14mm, so it doesn’t enlarge your eyes compared to most. It does enlarge it slightly though. The base curve is 8.6 which is perfect as well!

I would say overall it is pretty comfy, but it does have its rare moments when it dries up, so keep a little contact eye drops near you just in case it does. I sometimes forget it is in my eyes honestly.

Overall, I really like these contacts and I do recommend them.
You can buy it at .
Their shipping is amazing!
(It came in 3 shipping days for me! THAT IS AMAZING!)

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